May 18, 2024

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Intel CEO hopes new chips are 'good enough' to bring Apple back

Intel CEO hopes new chips are ‘good enough’ to bring Apple back

Pat Gelsinger hopes to recover all lost business from the previous administration

It looks like a file CEO Yes Intel Corporation, Pat Gelsinger, it is good Confident of the arrival of Alder Lake CPUs in the next month. After he said that “lead” AMD End of the twelfth generation Intel Corporation Core, Gelsinger said in an interview with HBO that he hopes so Apple is back to using its processors, creating chips “better than their own”.

“Apple decided they could make better chips than we could and they did a very good job,” said the Apple CEO. Intel Corporation. He also says he never gives up on the idea that something doesn’t work on chips Intel Corporation. “Now what I need to do is make better chips than they did,” Gelsinger says.

Losing Apple as a partner now means gaining a competitor, as it decided to supply its own computers with its own chips. So Intel has to worry about the places AMD and Apple take which, in Pat Gelsinger’s opinion, should be Intel. “I hope to take back this piece from their work, as well as many others over time,” said Pat Gelsinger.

He attributes lost partnerships and chip-making problems to his predecessors and says they They weren’t engineers as deeply involved in chip technology as it is.. He says he will be able to “rebuild the company’s credibility with its customers” and if there is an order for one million chips on Monday, it will be delivered Friday night.

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“I have to make sure our products are better than theirs, and my ecosystem is more open than theirs,” Gelsinger says. The CEO of Intel told HBO she did it It made new deals with Amazon, Qualcomm and the US Department of Defense to manufacture its chips. “These aren’t bad brands, so I’m very happy with the progress we’re making. I hope to add a few more brands to this list, including (Apple).”

Pat Gelsinger explains that his competitors know what Intel can do and they do what they say. “Our competitors fear us because we always do what we say we will do.” The Intel CEO is quite confident and hasn’t run out of words in his recent interviews.


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