June 23, 2024

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After a joke, Jesse gets weird with Arthur Aguiar

After a joke, Jesse gets weird with Arthur Aguiar

While Party Leader Lin da Quebrada followed by dawn in a houseBBB 22″ (TV Globo), Arthur Aguiar and Giseilan had a moment of ‘tense’ over the cell phone responsible for updating ‘Feed BBB’.

It all started when Jessi and Linn approached Arthur and PA to take a photo of the duo. Then, the biologist decided to tell the brothers about a slip of the device by Paulo Andre – who had updated his feed while “signed in” to Lin da Quebrada’s profile, without knowing it.

Then Arthur decided to hunt down the biologist. “It’s stronger than her, isn’t it?” , referring to the truth For the sister who was famous for being a gossip in prison.

In return, Jesse replied, “It’s my sweet way of being, folks.” However, the former rebel decided to stab her again and said:

Sweet… from gossip changed to sweet, right? What crazy. Gossip is sweet now Arthur Aguiar on Giseilan

After exchanging barbs, the teacher decided to stay away from her brother and went to talk to Lina about the incident. “I am angry with them [Paulo André e Arthur]. They were calling me gossip because I went to talk to you. I’m pissed that Arthur has jokes that you think he’s serious.”

Lynn asked, “Who?

“Arthur,” Jesse replied.

Lynn said, “What did he say?”

BBB 22: Paulo’s feeding created a ‘discord’ between the brothers

Photo: Reproduction / Globoplay

“I came to joke that PA was using your password, then it is [Arthur] I kept saying I was a gossip. But I replied, “It’s my way of being,” you know? play. But he replied with “your gossiping way of being.”

Then Lena ended the conversation by suggesting that the sister not be angry because of this.

In confinement, the two brothers have access to a cell phone whose unique and exclusive function is to update Feed BBB, a kind of Instagram of reality. By recording photos and videos on the timeline, gamblers can receive more bets – or lose them if they don’t get the job done.

Part of the photos is available on the program’s social networks and on the reality show’s official website.

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With Lucas gone, what are the top 10 favorites to win the ‘BBB’?


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UOL voting has no scientific nature or influence on the outcome of TV Globo

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