June 12, 2024

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After attacking her husband, the woman told the police she had to “stab a little more”

The case of the woman who confessed her existence stabbed her husband, who ended up dying after being taken to hospital, shocked the UK. to me A quiet confession and a history of abuse Which Penelope Jackson, 66, cited as the cause of the attack. The crime took place on February 13, but only recently, as proceedings in court continued, did the details become known.

Now, the recording made by a police officer who went to the house where Penelope lives with David, 78, in Peru (England), provides more details about the behavior of the British woman. She said at a certain time while approaching, while her husband was dying in the kitchen:

“I should have stabbed a little more.”

“I know this is being recorded. But I’m sick of abuse and hate. I’m not doing anything to help you.”She continued reassuring.

Penelope and David Photo: clone / Facebook

Not long ago, Penelope told an emergency room worker, she refused to help her injured husband, despite the pleas of the person on the line:

“You killed my husband because this was done for me. I can go in there and stab him again. I’m in the living room, he’s in the kitchen bleeding to death if luck helps me. He threatened me before, but he doesn’t threaten me now.”

Penelope and David have been married for 24 years.

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