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Gabi Pettito: Police say they found items belonging to the influencer's fiancé in Florida Park |  Globalism

Gabi Pettito: Police say they found items belonging to the influencer’s fiancé in Florida Park | Globalism

Florida police said on Wednesday (20) that they found items belonging to the influencer’s fiancée Gabi Pettito In a Florida park. Brian Laundry has been missing since the girl’s death.

a A woman who was strangled three to four weeks before her body was foundAccording to Teton County Coroner Division Chief Brent Blue.

Laundry is treated by the police as a “person of interest” (a term used in the United States to designate a suspect or someone who may have an influence on the investigation).

He was not charged with the murder, and was investigated for posthumously using the Petito debit card, which is considered fraud. For this crime, the police can arrest him when they find him.

Police have not identified which items were found in Myakkhahatchee Creek Nature Reserve, where the searches for Laundrie are focused. (Read later in this article).

Tribute to influencer Gabi Pettito – Photo: AP Photo / Eduardo Munoz Alvarez

Gabi Pettito’s mother described the “trash can” as A statement was issued last week by the family of her daughter’s friend, Brian Laundry, after revealing the cause of the influencer’s death.

In a statement issued by the lawyers for the Laundry family, they stressed that Brian – who is missing – is charged with fraud, but there is no murder charge.

“Words are bullshit,” Nicole Schmidt told a reporter for NBC affiliate WFAL.

Report indicating strangulation

Gabe Pettito, in a photo posted in 2019 on her social network profile – Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

Shortly after confirming that the body found in Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming on September 19 was from Pettito, authorities said initial forensics did indeed indicate that she had been murdered, but did not say how.

Relatives and friends attend the funeral of influential Gabi Pettito, who was found dead in a national park – Photo: REUTERS/Jenna Moon

Pettito’s fiancé, Brian Laundry, is still missing and wanted. He was not formally charged with the influencer’s death, but was indicted on September 23 for using the young woman’s personal debit card after her disappearance, which is illegal.

Her death caused a sensation in the United States. She and her fiancé, Brian Laundry, were traveling cross country in a truck, which made her very popular on social media. (see video below).

Gabi Pettito: The disappearance and death of an influential figure causes unrest in the United States

Pettit quit his job in July to travel and mainly documented the trip on Instagram. A video posted on YouTube, in which she and Londry appear smiling, kissing and running on the beach, has been viewed more than 2.3 million times.

The digital influencer has been missing since the eleventh, and his The body was found on the nineteenth In Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. Her parents called the police after she did not return calls or texts for several days.

Laundry, 23, was reportedly last seen in the US state of Florida. According to his parents, he left the house without taking his wallet and cell phone, and they were afraid that he would do something against him.

“Although the warrant allows police to arrest Mr. Laundry, the FBI continues to investigate the facts and circumstances of Ms Pettito’s murder,” the US Federal Police said in a statement.

With an indictment for debit card fraud, any police officer can arrest Londry, who is not responsible for Pettito’s death, if he is found.

Laundry came home alone at first, without speaking of Pettito’s whereabouts, and left the house again a few days later, saying he was going for a walk in Carlton Reservation (see below).

Brian Laundry and Gabi Pettito – Photo: Reproduction/Social Media

Officials did not say why they are convinced that Laundry may still be within the nature reserve, which covers more than 9,700 hectares and is located near her family’s home in North Port. His father even took part in searches at the scene for the first few days, and his relatives supplied the young man with materials to obtain DNA, at the request of the police.

Influencer Gabe Pettito, whose body was found in the United States in a park in Wyoming – Photo: Reproduction / Social Networks

Northport police say his parents didn’t report him missing until the 14th, three days after the family last saw him.

The search for Gabi Pettito's fiancée relies on the help of police dogs

The search for Gabi Pettito’s fiancée relies on the help of police dogs

The Laundry family’s Northport home was searched, and police were seen loading cardboard boxes into a pickup truck and seizing a silver Ford Mustang.

Travel and Disappearance in the United States

Pettito and Londry left New York State, where they lived, in July. They traveled in a truck to post photos on social media as they traveled through Kansas, Colorado, and Utah.

Witnesses last saw Pettito on August 24, when she left a hotel in Salt Lake City, and her last photo was posted the next day.

Americans are watching the death of influencer Gabi Pettito

Americans are watching the death of influencer Gabi Pettito

Pettito’s last phone message to his mother, Nicole Schmidt, was on August 30 – and the police are suspicious of its contents.

He had just said, “There is no service in Yosemite,” a national park in California, on the west coast of the USA, which Pettito and Londry had not visited during their trip.

On August 12, someone called 911 reporting that Laundry was hitting Pettito in front of the Moonflower Co-operative in Moab, Utah.

A new video clip shows Gabi Pettito talking about the fight she had with her boyfriend to police officers

A new video clip shows Gabi Pettito talking about the fight she had with her boyfriend to police officers

Moab police stopped the couple on a highway near Arches National Park.

Body cam footage shows Agent Pettito crying as he describes the couple’s quarrel, with Laundry said to have slapped her while he was driving a truck.

The police took no action and only recommended that the two spend the night away.