February 29, 2024

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After clicking on a friend, Zilu Camargo receives web attacks: ‘Presepada’, says follower

On Sunday, Zilu Camargo, always active on social networks, shares a photo in which she captures “bitca” in a friend’s mouth. In a “hippy Camargo” style, as she puts it. Wanessa’s mother added that this is how they greet each other. Despite the likable messages, Zilu received attacks on the web after the record was published.

“There is, yes, respect and affection that does not need kissing on the mouth and mail! That is what is called attraction,” he shot a follower of Zezé di Camargo’s ex-wife. Another commented, “Disappointing.” “End of the World” is another comment. “Presepada”, I also rated one of the people who follow Zilu across the networks.

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Commenting on the photo, Zillow spoke about her close friend: “When we are friends and sisters as a gift from God! This is our way of getting taller! Friends forever.” Fans also supported it.

“Who among us has anything to do with her life? More sympathy. You’re not a god of judgment, remember,” one fan defended, defending the netizen after facing criticism for Zilu.

Zilu puts pressure on kissing her friend Photo: clone – Instagram
Zilu Photo: clone – INstagram
Zilu Camargo rocks the web with its bikini picture and gets praise
Zilu Camargo rocks the web with its bikini photo and wins praise Image: clone/Instagram

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