May 30, 2024

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“Hidden under the pants”

Susan von Richthofen returns to school (Photo: Luara Leimig/TV Vanguarda)

in life Susan von Richthofen It almost became a reality show, due to people’s interest in knowing what their daily life was like in the college they started attending a few days ago.

If she decides to take to social networks to show her daily life straight from the iPhone 11 that she got, the audience is sure to rise. Proof of this is that people film every step you take.

On her first day at school, the inspiring muse of the films The Girl Who Killed Parents and The Boy Who Killed Parents, both available on Amazon, is seen entering Anhanguera College, where she is studying biomedicine.

according to st 1, got into Uber, like everyone else, accompanied by her attorney and another, and left at about 9:50 p.m. in a car.

At the time, the new internet star had shorter hair, in a flowery T-shirt and backpack, as well as a good old electronic anklet, which was hidden under his strategic jeans.

In fact, his first day at school was very lively. An alleged college friend decided to expose everything that was happening in the place and explained how famous behavior among his classmates was.

According to her, the teachers themselves presented her as “famous” and people act as if nothing had happened. Even Susan herself behaves this way.

“She’s going to college with me. She started yesterday. Her biomedical course. I was told she made it to class and the teacher said, ‘Look who’s here'”, I showed.

“She arrives talking to everyone, all sarcastic and friendly, people drooling over her egg, asking for a signature in the notebook as if she were a celebrity”, Shot.

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“She even ordered McDonald’s and it arrived quickly. The girl is under arrest and has an iPhone 11 better than us”, in a judgmental tone. The girl was blown away by it.

“What did you expect? She got to shoot everyone? And it bothers you that she ordered McDonald’s and she has an iPhone 11?”, asked one netizen, upset about the show.

“This girl wanted Susan to come with a knife and hold the teacher hostage?” , someone else’s reaction. “She has already been sentenced and is serving her sentence, what do you want her to do?” , Another one questioned.

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