May 25, 2024

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After criticizing Mauricio Souza, Andreoli revealed anti-gay posts and his reaction was: 'Proud to learn'

After criticizing Mauricio Souza, Andreoli revealed anti-gay posts and his reaction was: ‘Proud to learn’

Grupo Globo presenter Felipe Andreoli became one of the most talked about topics on Twitter last night (29). The journalist who strongly criticized the position Mauricio Souza, a volleyball player separated from the Minas Tennis club for Quotation marks are considered homophobicI was exposed on the Internet and published old biased statements.

Just last night, Andreoli used Twitter to respond to the attacks. The Globo journalist agrees that he made “vain” mistakes, but said he was “so proud of his learning and study that he is able to fight and fight on the right side”.

Yes, printing is eternal. The things that were broadcast and the things I wrote and said were documented. Nonsense. What used to be considered a joke, we now know it kills. For this reason, it is considered a crime. The world has changed, and it is far from enough. But I am proud that I have learned and studied so much that I can fight and fight on the right side. Andreoli 2021 is very different from 2010, he said.

– I want to learn all the time. Increasingly. I am here to change and to show that it is part of the human being. The imprints of the past, my video from yesterday, and Andreoli’s records from tomorrow I will keep to show my children, by my human way, about the historical process in which we live. And I will remain attentive to being an active worker in the path of a society of freedom and respect – continued Andreoli.

Among the displayed publications are a video clip in which the presenter selects the “Top 10 -” trips “in football matches and a post on International Women’s Day 2009. On this occasion, Andreoli says:” Can you imagine a world without women? We would all be homosexuals.

The case of Mauricio Souza
The kissing scene between two men in a comic book has caught the attention of the sports world. Brazilian volleyball players Mauricio Sousa and Douglas Sousa Exchange of indirect messages on social networks About a page from the comic book Superman and a gesture of sexual affection.

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Mauricio started the public debate when he posted an Instagram post complaining about a photo of the new Superman, son of DC Comics’ Clark Kent, Joe Kent, who is bisexual. In a caption he wrote: “Oh, it’s just a sketch, it’s not that important. This will see where we end up.”

Quotes deemed anti-gay had negative repercussions and the player was fired from Minas Tênis Clube. On Thursday, he He blamed the ‘Seal Crew’ for his dismissal.