May 30, 2023

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Once again, Gui Araújo refers to Duda Reis

Once again, Gui Araújo refers to Duda Reis

In recent days, Gui Araujo has caused many controversies about ex-girlfriends and potential affairs in “farm 13 inches (RecordTV). AnitaJade Picon, Gabi Brandt and Duda Reis joined the list of former MTV viewers.

Today, Bell has repeatedly complained loudly about missing him. On one occasion, without addressing a specific colleague, he said, “Mirror mirror to me, is there anyone who misses redhead more than me?”.

A few days ago, the pawn requested a photo with “Red” as a birthday gift, a name that the influencer had already revealed to be the nickname Araujo used to refer to her.

Outside of confinement, the women he was implicated in disavowed the show and pointed out that the copies were deeply distorted by reality. Of Duda, Bell said, “She said ‘Man, I can’t take it anymore, I’ll chase you wherever you are.'”

The influencer also expressed herself and described the end of salvation: “I am glad to remind you that there are certain things and people that will never change.”