May 30, 2024

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After Rodrigo Mossi's accident, "some" sponsorship of "BBB 22" |  BBB

After Rodrigo Mossi’s accident, “some” sponsorship of “BBB 22” | BBB

Giseilan won the Angel’s Lunch, but did not appear to read the letter that said she had received R$9999 in credits to be used in the app.reproduction

Posted on 05/04/2022 07:43

Rio – The Angel’s Lunch was held differently after the Rodrigo Mossi accident. Jessilane took Pedro Scooby, Lina and Natália to lunch, but she didn’t do the traditional “jogging” with one of 99’s partner app drivers to see the family. The moment the sister earns 9999 BRL in credits for use in the app also did not appear in the release.

The change came after Rodrigo Mossi, the second out of the “BBB 22”, suffered a traffic accident while using the company’s service in Sao Paulo last Thursday. Rodrigo earned credits to use in the app after winning the Angel race twice.

“99 confirms that Rodrigo Mossi was in a podium race, when the car he was in had a collision on Thursday (31st), in São Paulo. The company deeply regrets the accident and reports that it is looking for contact with members of the company’s family shortly after the accident,” the company said in a statement shortly after the accident. The passenger and driver will provide the necessary support and reception.99 will cooperate with the authorities in whatever is necessary during the investigation.