June 21, 2024

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"The False Wall Will Enhance Arthur's Hero's Narrative"

“The False Wall Will Enhance Arthur’s Hero’s Narrative”

Arthur Aguiar asked, weeks ago, that an audience “BBB 22″ (TV Globo) You wouldn’t put it on a false wall if there was a dynamic, but it seems that lovers reality They didn’t pay much attention to your request. The former rebel appears in survey From UOL It is also preferable to go to the secret room in fake wall today (5).

Aline Ramos’s comments on Watch Splash TV That Arthur’s possible move into the Secret Chamber would only cement his path to the release hero.

A false wall will not bring any big discoveries because everyone already knows what everyone inside the house is thinking. This will only strengthen the narrative of Arthur’s hero, as someone who has crossed some walls and suffered injustice and is now earning public recognition.

For the columnist, the next few weeks of “BBB 22” are already expected and MaĆ­ra Cardi’s husband will be dedicated to a prize of R$1.5 million.

I think Arthur is really the hero. He has an audience that has already shown the strength to take his opponents out of the game even when he’s not at the wall and also to take him to the final. This is responsible for the production of the show as well, and it is responsible for the predictability.

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