May 18, 2024

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After the ordeal, Flávia succeeds and impresses even the villain · TV News

After the ordeal, Flávia succeeds and impresses even the villain · TV News

in life Flavia Valentina Herzag will turn around The more life the better!. Almost dying after the shooting, the dancer will start working with him Pola (Giovanna Antonelli) and you will succeed in the world of advertising. You’ll delight even the treacherous Marcello (Bruno Cabrezzo), who seeks to seize his boss’s company at the Opera Globo at seven in the morning.

number The chapter is scheduled to air on December 24False stewardess, she’s going to have passed a little while. After he was shot by Korra’s thieves brothers Valentina Bandera, you will save her life William (Matthew Solano).

The two will come close and Even a romantic dinner. However, their relationship will be in true cat-and-mouse style. There will be several differences between the two. If the young man is still unlucky in love, then you will do well on the professional side.

Brown woman He will be the new employee of Cosmetics Terrare Presentation of the company’s new product campaign. Marcelo, who is also Paola’s lover, will be amazed by what he has seen and will impress the aspiring singer.

Then the two go together to an event he organizes A rose (Barbara Cullen). However, neither the girl nor William You will succeed in forgetting each otherThis is mainly due to the kiss they gave in the series.

By this point in the plot, they will have fallen in love. The swindler played by Bruno Cabrizo will not stand a chance with the fake commissioner in the story.

The more life the better! It was first shown at the venue of the Pega Pega re-run (2017). the plot Written by Mauro Wilson, Due to the security protocols Globo has adopted due to the pandemic, they are all registered. The series will be on the air until May next year.

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