June 23, 2024

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Chay Suede's search for Domênico to bring to life the best of the year: 'Herculeo' TV News

Chay Suede’s search for Domênico to bring to life the best of the year: ‘Herculeo’ TV News

Chay Suede beats out Selton Mello and Irandhir Santos in Best of the Year award. Domênico’s translator in Amor de Mãe (2019) took home the Best Actor of the Year award and made Luciano Hack revive the mission that went on in the entire TV series, with Lourdes (Regina Cassie) behind the sale of the childhood heir. “He was Hercules,” the artist said of his work in this pandemic.

“It was a unique thing in life to make this telenovela. To come back during the pandemic, to record what it was like, with a yearning for action, with the uncertainty of life itself. To return to work in the conditions we are back in, and to finish the telenovela with dignity, love, strength and good performances. … It was Hercules for those who participated,” Suede highlighted.

The TV series at nine o’clock was one of the series most affected by the interruption of recordings due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It was at its peak, in Chapter 100 when recordings stopped, and Globo Studios closed, in Rio de Janeiro.

When recording resumed five months later, the plot was cut short and only had 23 of the 55 chapters waiting for her to close her story. Thelma (Adriana Esteves) explored the full potential of her translator, as the great villain.

Chay Suede isn’t the only name in the cast that deserves an award, Regina Casé and Adriana Esteves have starred a lot, as well as Jessica Ellen. All three competed in this year’s Best Actress category, and Ms. Lord’s translator took the trophy on Sunday (2).

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