May 19, 2024

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Alexei Navalny calls on Russians to mobilize following Putin’s rule blocking 49 websites linked to his movement

Alexei Navalny calls on his supporters to mobilize against the government of Vladimir Putin (Photo: REUTERS / Anton Vaganov)

Alexei Navalny on Tuesday called on his supporters to mobilize ahead of the September assembly elections in Russia., After the government of Vladimir Putin Block dozens of websites associated with your movement.

Russian Internet Regulator, Roscommontsor, Blocked 49 portals related to Navalny on Monday, especially its main website,; Anti-Corruption Fund (FBK) and its regional offices.

FBK, which is known for investigating allegations of fraud by the Life Rail and the Russian elite and the regional offices responsible for organizing opposition demonstrations and election campaigns. They were declared “extremists” by Russian justice last June.

According to allies of the opposition leader, the only web site that can be accessed regularly is “Smart voting”, A technique inspired by Navalny Vote for any candidate who can defeat the United Russia party, in power, regardless of his political affiliation.

In a message recorded from the prison colony that he was arrested and posted on Facebook, Navalny asked his supporters to download the “Smart Watt” application, which allows users to read the content of his main portal, which is currently blocked.

“What an interesting experience,” the opposition leader wrote, referring to the blocking of web pages. “Participate in United Russia, Kremlin and Roskomnadzor and give a good kick”, He suggested.

Russian opposition condemns Putin government's political harassment (Photo: REUTERS)
Russian opposition condemns Putin government’s political harassment (Photo: REUTERS)

“We will show that we will not allow the authorities to enforce their law against our beloved Internet,” he added.

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Previously, Leonid Volkov, One of Navalny’s closest associates, said The Russian regulator wanted to block rival channels on YouTube.

YouTube is one of the most talked about sites to watch the anti-corruption investigations of Alexei Navalny and his team.Appeared in January, in which President Vladimir Putin was indicted. Benefit from a prosperous “palace” on the shores of the Black Sea.

Video found 116 million Putin was forced to deny the information on YouTube.

“As per the decision of the Attorney General, 49 (!) Websites (of the Internet) were blocked simultaneously”Volkov wrote on Twitter that they include the Navalny website and its main organizations, which were declared “terrorists” by Russian justice last June.

According to Volkov, Who is deported to Lithuania, Actions further disrupt the activities of Navalny supporters Parliamentary election September, in the context of the growing influence of the ruling party of the United Russia.

“But we’ll tell you how we can get around this soon.”He warned.

Alexei Navalny appears on a screen during an interrogation at the Pedushki District Court in Pedushki (Photo: REUTERS)
Alexei Navalny appears on a screen during an interrogation at the Pedushki District Court in Pedushki (photo: REUTERS) on the conditions of detention there to consider the charges against the penal colony.

In June, Russian Justice, 45, described Alexei Navalny’s organizations as “extremist” and ordered their disbandment.

In Russia, co-workers of organizations were considered “extremists.” Those responsible for severe prison sentences and standing in elections are prohibited, Under a law passed by Putin in June.

The blocking of portals related to Navalny occurred later Several months of suppressing Russian opposition, By sending the opponent to a penal colony in the framework of a case, caused by political motives, according to Navalny.

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Chairman of the Naval Anti-Corruption Fund, Ivan Zhtanov, Is Included in the International Wishlist And is subject to multiple criminal investigations.

Last week, a Moscow court extended the house arrest of Navalny’s spokesman. Kira Yarmish, For six months. He has been under house arrest since February after authorities accused him of violating corona virus control during a protest in support of Navalny.

This month, It was said by a legal committee that defended Navalny’s systems Fearing criminal punishments it was dissolving.

A recent investigation into Navalny’s website prior to its siege deals with the business dealings of the family of the Speaker of the House of Commons under the Russian Parliament. Vyacheslav Volodin, Points to the portal Jellyfish.

(With information from AFP)

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