June 13, 2024

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The Secretary of Defense says Sanchez Seron is in Nicaragua

The state prosecutor’s office has demanded the arrest of the former president for money laundering. The defense minister calls for reform that does not recommend corruption offenses, but the current legislature has rejected other similar attempts.

Defense Minister Gustavo Villadoro at a news conference after the arrest of former FMLN president Mauricio Fuenz, a former official of the government and the alleged red-light against former President Salvador Sanchez Seron; They have been in Nicaragua since last year.

“The only information we have about immigration is that he left the country for Nicaragua last year,” Villardoro said.

The defense minister arrived in the legislature on Tuesday to drop a proposal to amend Section 32 of the Criminal Procedure Code to prevent corruption.

The government initiative assumes that the reform will work for public order and backwardness, as the administration’s goal is to crack down on fraud, money laundering, illegal negotiations, various forms of bribery, influence, fraud, and illicit enrichment by governments. 30 years ago.

“There is a reform initiative in this country where corruption is not recommended, which includes officials from the last 30 years, that is, officials from all governments,” explained Ernesto Castro, the legislator of the new ideas.

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Currently, the law establishes that corruption offenses are recommended after 10 years. The bill will be examined by the Legislative and Constitutional Points Commission of the Legislature. However, Arena Congressman Rodrigo Evila recalled that it was “unconstitutional” for the legislature to back down as it wished.

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“According to the constitution, laws can only act backwards in matters of public order and criminality but when it is in favor of the accused person, it is a constitutional condition,” he explained.

In addition, Arena has put forward several attempts by the law in the same sense to eliminate the inexplicable nature of corruption offenses, but unfortunately, he recalled that the current legislature has sent them all into the archives.

“At one point, there was talk of not prescribing corruption offenses, but it may be necessary to look at reform of the Code of Conduct or there may be a special law in relation to it. .

That same Tuesday, the legislature planned to archive 211 files from the legislature’s legislature, saying, “They are not getting the right motivation to become a law or a reform of the law, and over time, they are losing the present, so they no longer respond to the reality and the needs of the citizens.”

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Ghana Vice President Juan Carlos Mendoza has argued that the reforms will affect not only former corrupt people but also the current government.

“Only for the sake of what has happened, when the laws are reformed, will they last for the rest of the period.