June 24, 2024

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Aline, Bil, Marina and MC Gui make up the first special Roça for A Fazenda 13 - A Fazenda

Aline, Bil, Marina and MC Gui make up the first special Roça for A Fazenda 13 – A Fazenda

Aline, Bil, Marina and MC Gui form the first private farm in farm 13. Dynho, Rico, Solange and Sthe star in the second edition of the reality show’s Roça Special.

After winning the last race of the season, Dynho and MC Gui played a major role in forming these groups.

On the Monday (13th) live program, the two most-voted pawns in Roça Especial 1 are guaranteed a place in the competition’s Grand Final. The other two are eliminated.

After that, voting will open for Roça Especial 2. Following the same dynamic, other participants will be disqualified on Tuesday (14) and the rest will join the season finalists.

Lottery and doubles

Adriane Galisteu surprised walkers by announcing the final race of the season.

To meet the challenge, they split into pairs. As an advantage of being a farmer, Dynho can decide before anyone else which participant he would like to play with.

Next, the pairs were determined by choosing the pawns themselves: Allen and Marina, Bill and Solange, Dynho and MC Gui, Rico and Sthe.

Participants also randomly chose the order in which the test was taken.

The last race of the season

In the Challenge, sponsored by Sida, the walkers had to face a four-season circuit. The pair that completes all stages in the shortest time will win the last race of the season.

Discover the mission of the competitors in each season:

Micellar water: Carry the balls from one end to the other inside the cat’s bed;

Hyaluronic acid: open the logs, pump the liquid into the buckets and pour it to complete the labeling of the five hair types;

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Collagen: One pair untied the strings, while the other used a fishing rod to pull the strings and form the correct sentence;

– Vitamin C: One participant sat on one side of the course and instructed the partner to light the lights that only completed the word silk.


Dynho and MC Gui were the fastest and won the last race of the season. In addition, all of them won a 0 km car. The duo celebrated with lots of shouting and hugs.

Fourth, it was Bill and Solange. Third, Rico and Siti. Second, Allen and Marina.

private gardens

Adriane Galisteu explained to pedestrians that two Special Roças will decide the four finalists for the reality show.

After winning the last race of the season, Dynho and MC Gui were able to choose which side they would like to be on.

When the plates were revealed, MC Gui was in Roça Especial 1 and Dynho was in Roça Especial 2.

They took turns to select the pawns in each particular field. In order to choose the pawns, the decision was:

– private garden 1: MC Gui, Marina, Bil, and Aline.

– private farm 2: Dinho, Rico, Solange E-city.

The most voted walkers in each Roça will be the reality show’s four finalists. do not miss it!

tracking farm 13! The reality show airs Monday through Friday at 10:45 p.m.; Saturday, after City alert, on Sunday, after Wonderful Sunday!

The signing of the Play Plus And access to the 24-hour broadcast of The farm 13.