June 23, 2024

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Allen, Diane, Joey, and Victor on the farm;  Poll · TV news

Allen, Diane, Joey, and Victor on the farm; Poll · TV news

Aline Mineiro, Dayane Mello, Gui Araujo and Victor Pecoraro on the fourth farm in Farm 2021. The week roceiros were determined at dawn on Wednesday (13). Who would you like to stay on the standard reality show? Vote in the poll at the end of this text.

Arcrebian de Araújo The formation of the hot seat began with the discovery of the powers of the lamp. After winning the fire trial, the model was able to choose between red and yellow rolls. Choose the lightest color and give the darkest color gui arugu.

Once he opened the parchment manuscript, Bell discovered that he would be immune to the Sweden Formation and could also immunize another fellow incarceration. Choose the protection model Dinho Alves.

Then Adrien Galistio asked for it Rico MelquiadesThe farmer placed the cursor on the first seat on the farm. The influencer is aimed at Gui Araujo. “There is a very dirty game, someone is playing the game. He tried to make my friends against me. He tried to put me against my friends, but he couldn’t do that either,” Alagoas justified.

Reaction “His opinion is the same bag of manure I collect from cows, I ignore it” Ex-boyfriend Anita. After the Headquarters Chief’s vote, Bell opened the red power and found that his vote would have a weight of two.

in voting at headquarters, aline He was the most targeted, after seven votes. Previous panic pulled out Victor, from the Gulf residents, to the danger zone. actually Diane He won the fourth seat in the country after remaining in the left half. Before ending the live version, Galisteu asked the model to veto a farmer from Prova do Fazendeiro, and the girl chose Gui.

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Check out the sounds of the night:

  • Erasmo Viana voted for Stefan Matos
  • Solange Gomez voted for Marina Ferrari
  • Ellen Mineiro voted for Larissa Botino
  • Maylady Mihaely voted for Aline Mineiro
  • Victor Pecoraro voted for Valentina Francavilla
  • Marina Ferrari voted for Diane Melo
  • MC Gui voted for Dayane Mello
  • Arcrebiano de Araújo voted for Alain Mineiro
  • Stefane Matos voted for Aline Mineiro
  • Voted by Tate Kuibra Barako for Aline Mineiro
  • Thiago Picuelo voted for Diane Mello
  • Diane Melo voiced by Larissa Botino
  • Larissa Botino voted for Ellen Mineiro
  • Guy Araujo voted for Ellen Mineiro
  • Valentina Francavilla voted for Milaydi Mihaeli
  • Dynho Alves voted for Dayane Mello