June 12, 2024

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Amazon and Femk mining company sign an agreement to sell in the United States

Amazon and Femk mining company sign an agreement to sell in the United States

Minas Gerries companies can take advantage of the US giant market

The agreement between Minas Gerais’s Confederation of Factories (Fiemg) and the global e-commerce company Amazon will enable Minas-based companies to sell goods directly to the United States.

According to the chairman of Fiemg, the partnership, which was celebrated the day before yesterday, will provide the best conditions for the state’s business to sell in North American and other global markets.

“This is very appropriate because it will allow the Minas industry to access large markets such as the North American market at a lower cost. This is e-commerce. Therefore, we can create employment and income through this opportunity because the products sold here will be produced in Minas,” Roscoe said.

The site already has the first partner of Loja Para Cyclistas of Divinopolis. To enter the North American market, partner Philippe Rocha Pereira decided to open a company in the United States.

According to him, the market is in high demand and consumers want to buy products that already have ratings. “But once the business starts, it’s a pleasure. Another feature is shipped with FedEx, which is delivered from here to there in two days,” he says, adding that the appreciated exchange also contributes.

Shoe brand Louisa Parcellos is set to join Amazon’s global sales program in November.

Interested companies have to pay US $ 40 per month to stay on stage, up to 20% of the transaction cost, including international logistics.

By 2020, e-commerce had $ 705 billion in revenue in the United States, with one-third of consumers buying in other countries

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