June 20, 2024

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The retailer was sued in the United States for selling stolen IPTV sets

The retailer was sued in the United States for selling stolen IPTV sets

The International Anti-Theft Broadcasting Alliance (IPCAP) has recently filed a lawsuit against Istar’s IPTV service and its main Michigan-based retailer, Atlas Electronics. According to the Coalition, the service infringes on the exclusive rights of one of its members, the Dish Network.


IBCAP said it had sent a series of notices to the companies, but they were ignored. The lawsuit alleges Ahmed Kareem, owner and director of iStar, and Ala al-Emara, owner and director of Atlas Electronics.

In total, the lawsuit seeks more than $ 24 million in damages and precautionary measures. Direct and indirect IPTV copyright infringement lawsuits against Istar and Ahmed Karim. Furthermore, it involves indirect copyright infringement against Atlas Electronics and Ala al-Emara.

“IPCAP continues to coordinate attacks against copyright pirates Unauthorized services And their retailers are being held accountable for massive trials and their sites are being shut down, ”said IPCAP CEO Chris Quelling.

IBCAP used NAGRA’s anti – piracy monitoring and detection services to prepare and collect evidence. It is the digital TV division of the Kudelsky Group, which provides security for digital media monetization and multi-screen user experience solutions.

In previous cases integrated by IBCAP, the trial included theft services and cash rewards against distributors and retailers in its supply chain. When retailers applied for bankruptcy, there were rulings that forced the business to close. IBCAP has about 20 successful processes. (With press office)