June 16, 2024

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Amazon Prime Day 2022: Best deals for Prime subscribers

Amazon Prime Day 2022: Best deals for Prime subscribers

The final Amazon Prime Day release officially starts tomorrow (12) and as always, TudoCelular will be online TudoCelular to follow and play in this post (so don’t forget to bookmark it and follow us live here) the main shows coming up during the day, allowing you to ensure you get Get a great discount on a new cell phone, laptop or other technology related products.

Obviously, however, it is important to remember that in order to participate in Amazon Prime Day it is necessary to be a subscriber to the company’s premium service, Amazon Prime currently charges R$14.90 a month but can be “tested” for 30 days without spending anything through this link (Provided that you have not yet signed up).

If you’re one of those anxious people who can’t wait to buy something and really want a warranty on some products, Amazon already sells their own products at a good discount, which especially favors those who want the new Kindle digital reader, a poster to make your TV smart or a new assistant with Alexa on board the plane.

To make it easier, below we list the products that are already on sale at a discount starting today.

Anyone looking to switch up their music streaming service can consider Amazon Music Unlimited, which will extend a trial period during Amazon Prime Day from 1 (one) to 4 (four) months. For new users. After this period, the subscription will be charged at the standard rate, i.e. R$ 16.90.

So if you subscribe, be sure to cancel before the trial period if you don’t like the Amazon service.

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Another service that has also gained traction during Amazon Prime Day is Kindle Unlimited, a service that lets you read thousands of books without having to buy them, thanks to a subscription that usually costs R$19.90.

Here, the promotion is similar to that of Music Unlimited: new users will be able to sample the service for two months before moving on to paying R$19.90, twice the time to get to know it. As with music, if you don’t like the service, you must cancel before the end of the period to avoid paying the monthly fee.