June 16, 2024

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Nasa/Telescópio James Webb

James Webb Telescope Has New Images Released By NASA; See photos – science

The NASAThis Tuesday, the US space agency released 12 full sets of the first color images and data captured by James Webb Space Telescope. The modern equipment, considered the successor to the Hubble telescope, was launched into space in December last year.

The four new images show the planet’s humid atmosphere, five tightly clustered galaxies, and the “death” and “birth” processes of stars. The first photo of the group was already revealed on Monday 11th.

The event saw a festive atmosphere for a project that involved more than 20,000 professionals and more than 20 years of work to complete the engineering part. “We made the impossible possible,” said Bill Nelson, Administrator of NASA. “And we won’t stop, because this telescope will go on as a ‘Bunny Energizer’, because of the Ariane rocket that put it on course perfectly, and now we have fuel for 20 years.”

Nelson stressed that each image released was a “new discovery” that would give humanity a view of the universe “we never had before.” Gunter Hasinger, Director of Science at the European Space Agency (ESA).

Joe Dipasquale, Senior Developer of Scientific Visual Materials at NASA, explained the process of acquiring the displayed images. “We’re basically translating light that we can’t see,” he said. “Apply colors like red, blue, and green to our different filters from Webb.” They color the images to get a better visualization of the details captured by the observatory.

on Monday 11th, This group’s first photo has been edited At an event at the White House, in the presence of US President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

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According to the space agency, it is the deepest and most accurate picture of the distant universe ever taken, and reveals an “unlimited” amount of galaxies, as well as the possibility of billions of stars and solar systems in space.

The imaged space cluster is called SMAC S 0723. This is one of the most studied locations by the Hubble telescope, which, although still operational, will be replaced by Webb.

As Space Agency Administrator Bill Nelson explains in the second image, the image is “a small part of the universe.” “These are galaxies that shine around other galaxies.” He also asserted that the document is a record of the past, putting humans back more than 13 billion years – the Big Bang occurred 13.8 billion years ago. “We’re about to start.”

James Webb Space Telescope

Due to the succession of the historic and revolutionary Hubble Telescope, NASA launched the Webb Space Telescope in December 2021, leaving French Guiana – a country bordering Brazil. The observatory was designed in the 1990s and is expected to be launched for the first time in 2007.

In January, the instrument reached its observation point 1.6 million kilometers from Earth – called, in English, the second lagrange point (L2). A type of canopy, the size of a tennis court, that was used to protect the telescope and keep it at temperatures suitable for its operation, as the telescope orbits the sun.

Webb’s mission is to study all phases of 13.5 billion years of cosmic history. It will search for light from early galaxies and explore our solar system, as well as nearby planets orbiting other stars./ CAIO POSSATTI, Special Estado and Roberta Janssen collaborated

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