September 28, 2023

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Complete News World - Ministro da Saúde, Marcelo Queiroga

Amid the pandemic, Quiroga says the government is considering downloading the MP to create ‘Open Health’ in the health field

The platform provides for the sharing of patient data between private health workers, as in the financial system

247 – Health Minister Marcelo Quiroga said the ministry is considering creating a data-sharing model between health plans to increase competition in the complementary health sector, as is the case with financial institutions through Open Banking.

The idea of ​​Open Health, as the project was christened by Quiroga, is that private health plan operators can offer premium products to customers. According to him, the project was well received by Jair Bolsonaro and the government is considering issuing a temporary measure to implement the system.

“Speaking to Campos Neto (Central Bank President), we said: Let’s create ‘Open Health’. Why not use a platform like Open Banking to facilitate transfer? Do you know how long it takes for portability (until the beneficiary moves from one health plan to another) today? About 90 days. Then imagine on a platform like this, where you put your CPF in there showing your plan and many other plans that fit your profile and you click on the top (on your cell phone screen) and change,” Quiroga told the newspaper. Economic value.

According to him, the platform will collect patient records and complementary health indicators, which will be shared between operators in order to offer “customized plans”, at lower prices to those who use the health system less.

Also, according to Quiroga, adopting the model would also reduce pressure on the public health system, since many people would have “easy access” to complementary health.

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