May 25, 2024

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Hassan Al-Khalaf pode reencontrar seus irmãos e mãe na Eslováquia

An 11-year-old boy who fled Ukraine alone meets his mother – News

The family of young boy Hassan Al-Khalaf has been reunited in Slovakia after the 11-year-old’s only escape story traveled the world. a The boy left Zaporizhia, Ukraine, and alone traveled more than 1,000 kilometers To reach the neighboring country.

Hassan found his mother, Yulia Besetskaya, last Tuesday (15), after the head of the family sent him alone to Slovakia to find the other four siblings who live there. The boy arrived at the border with only his brother’s phone number.

Hassan’s mother had to take such a measure because she was afraid that the children’s grandmother would not be able to withstand such a long and complicated journey towards Slovakia. “Thank you very much for saving my son’s life,” Besetskaya said on social media last week.

According to the Slovak police, Hassan’s mother and grandmother managed to reach the country in one of the refugee convoys that arrive day after day at the border of neighboring Ukraine.

Now Hassan, his four siblings, his mother, grandmother and puppy will be able to hug each other again and try to start life anew, this time in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia.

escape date

Hassan’s family went through this situation once. They arrived in Ukraine after fleeing the war in Syria, where the sons’ father was killed.

In Zaporizhzhia, the Hassan family built a new house, while the older brother went to Bratislava to study. With the death of his father, the 20-year-old boy had to take on the responsibilities, the one who organizes the life of the family in Slovakia.

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My hope guides me along the way“I would like to thank the volunteers very much, because they help people they don’t even know,” Hassan said, through an interpreter, on the eleventh.