September 28, 2023

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Elizabeth II celebrates 70 years of not touching anything - 07/06/2022 - Ricardo Araujo Pereira

Elizabeth II celebrates 70 years of not touching anything – 07/06/2022 – Ricardo Araujo Pereira

about the 70 years of the reign of Elizabeth III started thinking about all his work. As nothing crossed my mind, I went to see if any newspaper had published a complete list of his exploits.

I concluded that for seven decades, Elizabeth II was essentially an existing lady. So it makes sense that, deep down, we’re celebrating the fact that we’re still alive.

All biographical notes, as high points of her reign, point to the fact that she was married, crowned, had children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Several other jubilees before this.

The rest are described by verbs such as “saw”, “visited” and “met”. He witnessed several events that changed the course of the world, visited more than 90 countries, and met 14 British Prime Ministers and 13 American Presidents.

In 70 years, think, travel and live. He lived by following the exact same behavior that I believe is required of anyone who visits Buckingham Palace: Don’t touch anything so you don’t spoil it.
Any worker with this productivity index doesn’t last 70 minutes in their job, let alone 70 years.

“What did you do this year, Machado?”

“You have given birth to offspring, Chief.”

“And last year?”

“I went to Mexico, the United States and Sweden.”


The Union of Kings must be very strong.

Even more impressive than his ability to do nothing is his talent for not saying anything.
We have no idea what Elizabeth II thinks about domestic politics, Brexit, or even Feijoada.

One would think that perhaps the Queen did not have much time to influence the fate of the country because she was so invested in her family.

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However, the The eldest son married a woman he did not likeThe case ended in tragedy.
Another son had strange friends and was at the center of a sexual assault scandal.

And one of the grandchildren Family accused of racism. All in all, it was an excellent era. Above all, I believe, supporters of the Republic.

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