June 23, 2024

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An FGTS audit can pay an average of R$10,000 to more than 70 million workers

An FGTS audit can pay an average of R$10,000 to more than 70 million workers

About 70 million workers with a balance in FGTS-linked accounts since 1999 may enter the review calling for a change in the FGTS cash correction index, and workers’ compensation across the country as well. the years.

The revision calls for changing the index used to correct the FGTS, the reference rate (TR) with another correction index that can follow inflation, given that the reference rate has indicators below inflation and has been zero for a few years, so that when workers’ FGTS balance is corrected, ” The sums are eaten up by inflation itself.

second to podium FGTS LOIT, a platform that helps workers check how much balance they can get with an FGTS review. The results released by the company show that the average value of corrections is close to R$10,000 per person, but it is worth remembering that this is an average, as workers may have more or less than that to receive.

Thus, a worker who seeks a review needs to verify his life in the labor market since 1999, because for those who have spent many years without a formal job, and had low wages, the review should not guarantee a good value for it to be worth joining the business .

If the worker has more than R$60,000 to receive it, it will not even be necessary to turn to a lawyer to represent him. This is because the worker can hire a hotspot service, where the company itself carries out the procedures with the interested parties until the application is submitted to the JEF and the case number is received in court.

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Revision deadline

There is no specific deadline for when the review will be completed, because the STF should have ruled on the matter in May, however, due to the pandemic, the Supreme Court ended up postponing the ruling, hailing that the action could affect coffers up to 300 billion Rls, It cannot be judged at a critical moment in the economy.

Accordingly, workers and lawyers in the area are waiting for a new date to be revealed to judge the case and then decide on the workers’ earnings.

It’s worth noting that when the STF rules the review, it can give the winning case to all workers affected since 1999, or even apply a standard effect that guarantees payment only to those who have claimed the lawsuit in court.