June 21, 2024

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Ana Maria Braga cuts live cassava plants in "Mais Você" and becomes a meme

Ana Maria Braga cuts live cassava plants in “Mais Você” and becomes a meme

We have delicate cassava and “cassava” just like you. Anna Maria Braga

What is this, tiger? If you haven’t seen “Mais Você” today, your reader might be thinking nonsense, but Ana Maria Braga taught how to peel cassava in a spiral form live.

Since the introduction could not, I asked the seller Seu Francisco for help. You’ve been selling manioc for at least 26 years and Ana Maria Braga “revived” the spirit of the fifth grade with jokes.

Mr. Francisco, what a fine manioc. thin? A manioc sleeve, that’s not fluffy. Are you used to peeling cassava then? Your cassava is thicker. Anna Maria Braga

The seller took it easy and Anna Maria answered in the same line, much to the delight of viewers and tweeters of frequencies during the service.

Always pick up a manioc. I will try for you here. Mr. Francisco

Ana Maria Braga asked seller Seu Francisco for advice on peeling cassava

Photo: Playback / TV Globo

Anna and reporter Joe Masaoka tried to bring this story to life at Globo Studios, but they couldn’t.

After insisting on bombing – and “Praça É Nossa” jokes – the global broadcaster gave up. All that remains is to say hello to Mr. Francisco and Maniux.

Every day, peel the cassava. He trained for 26 years to come and show us. Here we have thin cassava and cassava just like you. You better see your Francisco peel. Anna Maria Braga

Good morning, Namaria.

We don’t have to watch!

We want to keep Mr. Francisco in a very precious jar.

Great moments from Brazilian TV:

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