July 19, 2024

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Anac also authorizes Latam to travel with fewer flight attendants after omicron effects crews progress |  Travel and Tourism

Anac also authorizes Latam to travel with fewer flight attendants after omicron effects crews progress | Travel and Tourism

National Civil Aviation Agency (I am) ok too to complete Flying with fewer flight attendants. There will be three professionals instead of four. The decision was published in the Official Gazette, Wednesday (19).

blue e goal Previously Has obtained similar approval from the agency, respectively on January 12 and 17. The three permits are temporary, valid until March, and will be monitored by Anac.

boards, blue to complete e goal hanging 98.2% of the domestic aviation market in Brazil, according to agency data for November – the latest available.

In all three cases, companies will be able to fly with three flight attendants as long as they limit the number of seats per plane to 150. that they Required to keep one stewardess for every 50 passengers. Thus, to fly with three crew members, flights have Low number of passengers.

In practice, the measure would force companies to re-accommodate passengers on other flights, because there would be a seat limit of 150 seats on planes of greater capacity than that. in case if to completeThe decision affects the Airbus A320 (carrying up to 178 passengers) and the A321 (carrying up to 198 passengers).

Requests from airlines relate to the development of the omicron variant, Causing crew members to leave their flight schedules and cancel their flights. The omicron had an effect too In other sectors of the economy, such as health care and commerce.

a to complete And she confirmed that she had “obtained an official permit from Aanc to reduce the number of flight attendants on its flights, due to the recent increase in cases of coronavirus and influenza.” According to the company, “the request aims to reduce the effects of the medical layoffs of its employees, which caused the cancellation of flights.” Finally, the company “emphasizes that it will spare no effort to continue informing its customers in advance of any flight cancellations that may be necessary.”

In the midst of a variable progress ômicron and H3N2 Influenza VirusAirlines are exempting many of their cabin crew with influenza syndrome so they can self-isolate.

This caused many flights to be canceled in early 2022. azoto went to The first to be affected by flights, collective yearsM He also suffered from the effects, 111 flights canceled.

At the time, Anac stated that Monitoring cases of Covid-19 and influenza In pilots, flight attendants and other aviation professionals, to minimize impacts on flights.

All over the world, progress omicron variable Amid the need to isolate potentially infected crew members led to thousands of delays or cancellations, mostly at airports in the US and China, between Christmas and New Years.