June 21, 2024

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Is it a joke?

Is it a joke?

The vulva and its commission control They are just joking. Refree Grazani Maciel Rocha Selected for the first match of the semi-finals of Carioca Championshipbetween two Botafogo And the Fluminensewhich will be held next Monday, in Nilton Santos Stadium. This information is from reporter Marcelo Neves, of “O Globo” and “Extra”.

The referee is the same one who hit Botafogo badly in the derby match flamingo, in the Guanabara Cup. On that occasion, he didn’t give Pedro a clear penalty for touching his arm and didn’t even review it VAR. In addition, he overlooked and failed to send off Fabricio Bruno, who nearly broke his leg. chai.

Grazianni’s performance infuriated the Botafogo players, who began receiving yellow cards, and crooked, who threw things on the grass. The result was a 90-day penalty for organizers, who cannot use banners, drums and flags during this period.