June 23, 2024

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Andressa Urach never pays the bills and asks fans for money again

Andressa Urach never pays the bills and asks fans for money again

Andressa Urach, 34, revealed today that, even after receiving financial assistance from her fans, she has yet to pay her credit card bill.. In an Instagram Live, the model said she spent more than her husband, Thiago Costa, earns in a month.

After that, Urach talked about the financial crisis he is facing. “When I met Thiago, he had money, but invested in, to produce and sell bikinis in my shop. Those who follow me know I’ve had a long time to launch a new collection, but this [o investimento e produção] That was before pregnancy. Then, with the pregnancy, I was freaked out, and I started not to like my body,” she said.

When the bikinis arrived, Andressa did not match the work. “I didn’t like a bikini, I wore it and saw spots on my skin and on my body. [Tiago] He began to get worried that the money ran out, he spent everything on me, and he began to despair. Then he suggested hiring a model to take pictures and sell them, but I didn’t leave him,” said Andressa, who was interrupted. ‘ said Tiago jokingly.


In the following moments of the live broadcast, Andressa and Thiago talk about the ideals they bring to the relationship. For me, that wouldn’t be a problem. [uma modelo fazer as fotos]He commented, “I have no reason to doubt it, but I don’t think it’s true. I have no male friends, and he has no female friends. It’s not true,” Andressa said.

Thiago, in turn, took the lead again. “I think it is very important for a couple that the couple can access everything the other does on the social network. Andressa, for example, has access to the password of my cell phone, Whatsapp, my Instagram, just as I can access her networks. This Healthier, more cohesive for the relationship to prevail. I think it’s weird that a man or woman doesn’t let them see each other’s cell phone. The relationship starts wrong,” he said. Urach, in turn, agreed, and even joked. “I do not agree with SamsungSo much so that when I have money I’ll buy one Iphone for him. I’m trying to steal his WhatsApp and I can’t, which is unfair because he sees what I have correctly,” she said with a laugh.

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At another time, Urach also spoke about the problems he has with the Universal Church and the harassment of the press in the Tiago family. During all this chat, the couple received several stamps from followers. Stamps, for those who don’t know, are types of donations of varying amounts, the lowest being R$4.90 and the highest being R$27.90.