May 25, 2024

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"Mother of Lugar o Sol": Cecilia discovers Rebecca's betrayal and gets involved with Breno |  Come to me around - come

“Mother of Lugar o Sol”: Cecilia discovers Rebecca’s betrayal and gets involved with Breno | Come to me around – come

Come and understand this story!

Inability to warn the mother about premature birth of twins Ilana (Mariana Lima) and Brino and the death of one of the girls, Cecilia goes to the hospital to give her support to the photographer.

Leaving the place, she saw Rebecca and Philippe, who were both in the hotel, saying goodbye with a passionate kiss.

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Without a floor, you go home, and in conversation with her lovable Bruna Martins explains how a psychology student is a traitor, which raises the suspicion of her friend.

“Philippe is an irresponsible kid! I don’t know anything! And even if I did, I wouldn’t need to talk, because people reveal themselves. Sooner or later, you’ll see that this idiot guy doesn’t deserve you!” “

In ‘Um Lugar ao Sol’, before Cecília (Fernanda Marques) Breno (Marco Ricca) – Photo: TV Globo

Sad, Cecilia will cry her sorrows on Breno’s shoulders. She searches for him and talks about Rebecca’s betrayal.

“Everything happened. My whole life is wrong. I have nothing real but you .. our friendship,” says the girl, listening to the advice of the photographer:

“What can I tell you? If it was in our hearts or we could choose who we wanted…”

Brno warmly embraces her, and a needy Cecilia kisses him.

10 January


Gabriella tries to reassure Ilana about the delivery. Rebecca decides to go out with Felipe and turns off her cell phone. Breno suffers from the loss of one of his twins. Barbara discovers Tullio’s affair with Ruth. Stephanie helps Erica with this step. Tullio orders Christian/Renato to persuade Barbara not to tell Santiago about her affair with Ruth. Cecilia keyboards brino. Rebecca is desperate when she learns what happened to Ilana and asks Felipe to leave her in the hospital. Cecilia sees her mother kissing Felipe. Cecilia tells Brino what she saw and kissed him.

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