May 25, 2024

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Glenda Kozlowski reveals that she has covid-19

Glenda Kozlowski She used her social networks on Saturday (14) to tell her fans and followers that she had covid-19. The presenter took the opportunity To vent to his days with the disease destroying Brazil and the world.

The artist said she believes the virus took advantage of a moment of weak immunity after working at the Tokyo Olympics.

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“Is it covid? it’s a. Dawn was not easy. But I decided to accept. While meditating I talked to the virus that decided to enter my body, taking advantage of a month of crazy work and exhaustion that lowered my immunity. I understand that he took advantage of the opportunity. Thank you for the lessons you gave me, and we agreed that the damage is over here.”, I wrote.

He continued: “I’ve been meditating thinking about every cell in my body. It’s amazing, how my mind – along with breathing – can increase my energy field. First of all my billions of cells, then of my chakras, and finally, of a great rainbow , of my whole body, stretching out around me. Well…this picture I took right after this meditation. Acceptance does not mean giving up. But understanding the process and growing with it”, She said.

Coping with the effects of the virus

Glenda Kozlowski He also talked about how he lived with the virus during the isolation period so that the disease would not spread further.

We are dealing with a virus that causes different damage to each body. There is no 100% certainty of anything or anyone. But something we can do. Energy care. We are energy. Everyone is in this dimension. Energy “talks” about energy. And that’s what I’ve been doing ever since. Nurturing my energy through meditation, love and food. I had a bogeyman with Mr. Covid. We are doing well. Let’s go with courage, love and faith. Once again, thank you for the many love letters!! They all make me stronger.”, Been completed.

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