December 6, 2023

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Yellowjackets season 2: What might happen in the upcoming season

This year I’ve been behind on watching popular TV shows. For example, I only started Succession in April and wished I hadn’t waited so long before starting it. Similarly, last week when I watched Yellowjackets, my expectations were also high.

I was anticipating Yellowjackets to be a great show, but after watching the first few episodes, it didn’t capture my attention. I expected it to be good because my friends and colleagues said so, but after watching the first few episodes, I quickly lost interest.

Part of the 10-episode first season of the Showtime original series Yellowjackets is a total wash. But, in terms of quality, I can’t see what’s so special about this show. Some other television shows have had equal or even better ratings that didn’t receive as much praise as Yellowjackets has.

Fans are outraged about the changes in season 2 of Yellowjackets


The TV show follows a high school soccer team as they try to survive in the wilderness after their plane crashes deep in the Canadian mountains. The drama series is not new, as Lost and Wilds have explored similar concepts.

However, LOST is my favorite TV-show of all time. Even if it’s a typical trope in the television industry, it still has major success. The problem with Yellowjacket is that it doesn’t fully explore the aftermath of a plane crash.

The show follows two timelines, one after the crash in 1996, and more than two decades later in 2021. Flashbacks are sprinkled throughout, including some of the character’s life before the plane crash. This isn’t an entirely original idea; LOST also followed multiple timelines.

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In the last episodes I’ve seen, the current day setting gets most of the attention. When the characters were still children, they went through a traumatic event in the wilderness and it made them all wary throughout their entire lives.

We enjoy watching the girls who are stranded in the mountains attempt to survive, rather than watch what is happening in the future. The future plot lines cover different topics such as a dissatisfied housewife, who smears dog poop on her assigned station wagon and trash talks her family members through a text message, and two of the survivors taking a road trip together.

One of the survivors attempts to run for state senate, but so far this thread has seemed irrelevant.

Lost was a show that used flashbacks to create a deeper understanding of the characters and story. You know each of the main cast members much better thanks to these flashbacks, which lead to more dramatic twists that have a larger impact on the audience.

One minute you’re watching a flashback to what happened in the wilderness, and the next minute something interesting is happening in the current day. The story set in 1996 needs more focus and detail than that of 2020

I’m so hooked on the second season of Yellowjackets

I would not call the show entirely pointless. I am planning to finish Season One because while it’s not as interesting to me as I hoped, there are still plenty of mysteries that need to be resolved. The show has great casting because they get actors to play the same character throughout his or her lifetime. There is no digital editing to make the actor look younger but this could have backfired.

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