June 20, 2024

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Anita kisses crush on stage in "Domingão com Huck" |  Sunday with Hack

Anita kisses crush on stage in “Domingão com Huck” | Sunday with Hack

Anita I kissed a lot on stage”Sunday with HackThe singer was complaining on her social networks that she did not like her. Thinking of helping her friend, Luciano Hack invited her to the “A Crush for .” panel AnitaThrough questions and evidence, I meantt He blindly chose between three suitors. The lucky one was Alagoan Hugo NovaesAnd who got a “caliente” kiss from the singer.

Anita’s kisses crush on the stage of “Domingau” – Photo: TV Globo

“We can leave here and enjoy it. Come here, let’s go home, I’ll introduce you to the family,” she joked.

Singer Luciano Hack commented, “I came to wrap it up. I’ve already been arrested, I’ve done it all.”

How did this story begin? longer people!

Anita She was complaining on her social media that she had lost her crush. Luciano decided to help the singer and called her friends JULIETAnd Pokah e Giovanna Lancelotti To make a pre-selection and select some candidates. parents for yearsRa Selection of the three finalists. Matthews, Carioca; Bruno Paulista; Hugo Alagoan.

Giovanna Lancelotti, Pocah and Juliet choose to admire Anita

The suitors want to become Anita's new crush

The suitors want to become Anita’s new crush

Anitta on “Domingão” – Photo: Instagram clone

“Bruno is a very nice guy to me, Hugo is more like me,” she added.

Check out the other candidates:

crush mix and Anita Of course, a bombshell, and on social networks the topic was among the most commented on.