July 20, 2024

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Carla Diaz dazzles by leaving a portion on the screen with a wide tap

Carla Diaz dazzles by leaving a portion on the screen with a wide tap

Carla Diaz Netizens were impressed with a bold click. With nearly 10 million followers, the actress appeared in a photo session with nipples exposed.

On her Instagram profile, Carla shared a series of photos. Among the images of the “conceptual” article (as I categorized it), there is a record in it Show show intimate part.

“I’m on your timeline, everything is different, with this super imaginative and amazing article, I loved it”, the artist wrote in the explanation of the post.

The post was very successful and crossed the 700,000 likes mark on Carla Diaz’s social network.

Carla Diaz receives the BBB Financial Award

Carla took part in BBB21, but she could not get a prize of 1.5 million Brazilian reais. In a recent conversation with Extra newspaper, she revealed that she is on Amazon with two films and said that I managed to achieve the value of a millionaire through work.

“Thank God, I was able to surpass the value of this program. I am very happy. Really, “BBB” changed my life in this way. Do you think that after I left “BBB” I bought nothing? I keep borrowing my mom’s car. My relationship with money is on It goes like this: If it’s to give a gift to someone I love, I’m open. When it comes to buying something for me, I think five times before I spend it”She said.

The actress also revealed that there are designer pieces and accessories that she wears on a daily basis. “Luxury is relative, isn’t it? I have expensive pieces, but I win it all, okay? I don’t know if I will have the courage to pay 20,000 BRL into a scholarship”, I showed.

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Carla Diaz has risen to prominence in recent weeks with streaming movies “The Girl Who Killed Her Parents” and “The Boy Who Killed My Parents.” In production, she stole the show playing Susan von Richthofen. In an interview with Quem magazine, the actress highlighted expectations from the projects.

“I’m still absorbing the premieres. It’s been a long wait. We were going to debut the week the world came to a halt due to the pandemic. It was a job that required a lot from me and the whole team. It’s a great project for me. I’ve never done anything based on True story. I knew the responsibility of playing this role. I’m following the repercussions and I’m happy with what I read”, He said.

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