October 1, 2023

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Anita talks about the delayed diagnosis of endometriosis: "The first crisis was recording the clip Show das Poderosas" |  Nice

Anita talks about the delayed diagnosis of endometriosis: “The first crisis was recording the clip Show das Poderosas” | Nice

Walking around Europe, she is in a different country every day. And in the midst of a lot of work, Anita You have to deal with the pain.

“You imagine someone who has no way of explaining to their boss. What’s the news with you? You could lose your job in something like that.”

It’s been a long time Anita It is an icon capable of initiating conversations on topics that end up invading our everyday lives. And this time the issue is health.

Felipe Santana: Tell me the story. When did you start feeling this pain?
Anita: The first time I faced this crisis in my life was the video recording of Show das Poderosas. This was the first time I felt this pain in my life. I felt like I was going to die. And while I’m making it, I kind of stop and breathe, I think, oh my God, am I going to be able to record and dance? And I went there. I recorded to the end, but after recording the video I went straight to the hospital in pain.

It took nine years to find an answer.

Felipe Santana: Did you think it was what this pain?
Anita: I don’t know. They thought it was a lack of hygiene, so I became paranoid about hygiene. And things didn’t get better. I have taken antibiotics for 6 months in a row. I took everything medicine, I did everything people and doctors said. I don’t know what it’s nothing.

“He put me on an MRI, and he saw endometriosis there.”

The endometrium is the tissue that lines the uterine cavity. Endometriosis occurs when this tissue begins to leave the uterus toward the ovaries and into the abdominal cavity. Symptoms can be:

  • Colic during menstruation.
  • Pain during intercourse.
  • Intestinal and urinary pain or bleeding during menstruation.
  • difficulty getting pregnant

Infertility is present in about 50% of women with endometriosis.

A gynecological examination in a doctor’s office is the first step toward a diagnosis, which can then be confirmed with imaging tests, such as an MRI.

“It is estimated that in Brazil we have 7 to 8 million women with endometriosis. We are talking about a disease that affects 10% of all menstruating women worldwide. 26500 Women were served. Of these, 8000 women underwent some surgical intervention,” highlights Markus Cherniakowsky, gynecologist.

Lack of information and delay in diagnosis were the reasons that led the singer Anita to be revealed publicly.

“It’s always our fault, we always do something wrong. Then I said, ‘I’m going to say this publicly, because everything I say today has a very wide scope.’ If I can somehow reach out to women who are in the same situation as me or at first. And after I spoke A lot of people came to talk to me. So, my desire was just to improve women in general, you know? More information for things to change.”

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