September 28, 2023

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Perla married millionaire businessman Patrick Abrahu

Counsellor takes Birla’s husband 20 thousand reais debt from singer: ‘Tremenda vacilona’

Counsellor Chris Cohn used social media over the weekend to appeal to millionaire businessman Patrick Abraham, Birla’s current husband. She decided to get an old debt from the singer from him. The professional claims to have taken a default of around R$20,000 from Perlla in 2020, referring to the push for acquisitions partnerships to renovate the artist’s home.

The deal, according to Cris, was that he would get R$3,000 per month, plus products, but to this day he hasn’t seen a single penny of the money.

In a series of videos posted on her Instagram account, Chris said: “Patrick, millionaire…send it to him to see if he pays me, because I’ve been here without having received for two years… Perla, a massive vacancy.” Referring to the song “Tremendous vacilão” by Birla.

“I took the case to court, and asked the judge not to use her name, but the judge denied it, because he saw that she had not paid me ….

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Perla married millionaire businessman Patrick Abraho, Photo: Disclosure

The debt became a police issue in August 2020, when Kris filed a complaint against the singer for threatening and injury at DEAM São Gonçalo, in the Rio metropolitan area. At that time, she stated that she was threatened by Birla because she revealed in the press that she was cheated on by the singer.

The counselor who accuses Birla of negligence files a police complaint against the singer on charges of threatening and injury

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The chancellor showed the police the WhatsApp messages she had received from a number that, according to her, would be Birla’s daughter, calling her a “devil”, saying that she would “die.”

At BO, Cris says Perlla reports in the media that she has diverted products and furniture from her business partners, as well as calling her a “mysterious snack seller.” The police advisor said that this fact would have happened after Birla’s debts related to the value of her wages were collected for the business consulting services she provided to the singer.

Birla accused of defaulting on R$15,000 on consultant and failure to comply with exchange agreement; The singer denies

Birla with consultant Chris Kon
Birla with consultant Chris Cohn Photo: clone
Birla in a furniture store with the consultant
Birla in a furniture store with the consultant Photo: clone