May 30, 2024

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Another 1.6 million workers will get PIS / Pasep

Another 1.6 million workers will get PIS / Pasep

After workers’ data was reprocessed, the Ministry of Labor listed another 1.6 million people in PIS / Pasep this year. The information provided is inconsistencies in the government rule and now a new list has been released.

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With the new list, more than 24 million workers will receive the benefit. The total amount exceeds 22.62 billion Brazilian reals.

new list

The new list takes into account workers who have stopped receiving benefits due to a failure in the federal government’s database. Thus, those who were supposed to receive it in February will be included in the payment list on March 29.

This way, those who were supposed to get it in March and were behind on the payments, will get it on the 31st of this month. This applies only to workers included in the new list. That is, other beneficiaries follow the regular payment schedule.

Those who worked on an official contract in the base year receive a salary bonus. The value is the minimum wage for those who worked within 12 months. Or relative to those who worked for a shorter period. Another requirement is that they have been registered with PIS/Pasep for at least 5 years. The data should also be updated in the annual Social Information Report (Rais).

To check if you are on the new list, the worker can call 158 or also access the digital business card. Just enter your CPF number and password.

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If the worker is not registered yet, the first step is to create access and only then follow the consultation steps. In the “Benefits” tab, you can check the salary bonus. Find out the values ​​​​according to the number of working months:

Months / allowance amount in 2022

  • 1 Brazilian Real 101
  • 2 Brazilian Real 202
  • 3 SAR 303
  • 4 BRL 404.00 SAR
  • 5 Brazilian Real 505
  • 6 SAR 606
  • 7 SAR 707
  • 8 Brazilian Real 808
  • 9 Brazilian Real 909
  • 10 BRL 1,010.00 SAR
  • 11 SAR 1,111.00 SAR
  • 12 SAR 1,212.00 SAR