May 28, 2024

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“Any military intervention will lead to a nuclear war,” says an expert on the conflict in Ukraine.

The professor of international relations said that the sanctions applied to Russia are aimed at affecting the country in the medium term.

Alexey Nikolsky / Sputnik / AFP – 02/17/2022Russian President Vladimir Putin said that intervention in the military operations in Ukraine would lead to a reaction unprecedented in human history.

ESPM Professor of International Relations, Gunter Rodzet, gave an interview to Journal Joffum Pan Thursday evening 24, and analyzed the conflict between Russia And the Ukraine. According to the expert, one of the main problems that prevent other countries from interfering in this war are the consequences of excessive retaliation by the giant of Eastern Europe. “Any military intervention will lead to a nuclear war,” explains the professor, who remembers the message from Russian President Vladimir Putin During a speech last Wednesday. The direct intervention would be for Western forces to kill Russian soldiers and President Putin has already made it clear, more than once, that he will respond in a way never seen before.

Günther also clarified that Ukraine should no longer be invited to join the NATO (NATO) Because one of the basic requirements to enter the alliance is to be at peace. The Ukrainian region, since 2014, has been in an atmosphere of hostilities with Russia and has even been annexed to the region controlled by the Kremlin. When asked about the possibility of conflict not occurring if the former president of the Arab Republic of Egypt weAnd the Donald TrumpHe was re-elected and the researcher ignored this possibility. “he is [Trump] He has already announced that he admires Putin. Will he oppose Putin? Will it deploy US forces to prevent the invasion of Ukraine, which would lead to World War III? Both sides possess enough nuclear weapons to destroy the Earth 16 times. It is not just about destroying their countries. Humanity as we know it no longer exists in such a confrontation.”

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The professor also noted that the trend is for the clash between countries to continue for a long time, as Putin does not intend to back down. According to Rodzit, the countries that have applied Penalties For the Russian government to have a medium-term effect. “Why throwing the world into a deep economic recession will not change the Ukrainian reality is a strategy to undermine the support of Russia’s economic and financial leadership.” In the coach’s opinion, the leader of Russia is not afraid of street protests or political opponents, but that the few are afraid to abandon him.