May 20, 2024

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Video: A battle tank rams into a civilian car in Ukraine

Video: A battle tank rams into a civilian car in Ukraine

A tank was caught running over a civilian’s car in the area Ukraineamid the advance of the forces Russia in the country. Pictures posted on social media show a military vehicle changing lanes at high speed and hitting a woman’s car head-on.

Another video clip shows the driver alive but stuck to the wreckage of the car. Other people came to the scene to help her. Her health condition is unknown. There is also no information on which country the main battle tank belongs to.

According to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, more than 1,000 Russian military have been killed so far in the conflict. “Russia has not suffered many casualties during the fighting in any of its armed conflicts since its inception,” the ministry said.

Ukraine has been under Russian attack since the early hours of Thursday, as invaders seized dozens of cities outside the breakaway regions of Donbas, which Moscow recognized as independent republics on Tuesday.

Before the 22nd, a series of high-level meetings between Russia and Western countries failed to prevent war. For about three months, meetings of all kinds failed to get the Russians to abandon the war, and the Westerners announced a series of sanctions against Moscow.

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