May 25, 2024

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Apple defends itself against UK monopoly allegations

Another day, another statement Apple Preserving its ecosystem and its business model App Store Facing all global moves against the company’s anti-competitive practices. Recently, Apple responded to the report Competition and Market Authority (Competition and Market AuthorityOr CMA) of United Kingdom About the situation.

Last year, the agency Had said That Apple and the Google The mobile app market is bisexual; Inside A report was released last JanuaryCMA outlined several in-depth plans to reduce the predatory power of the two companies – opening the App Store, ending the monopoly of WebKit on iOS browsers, and allowing other payment methods.

Because Apple’s reply was sent on 2/7 and Released today by CMA [PDF], Brings together 47-page arguments against the agency’s recommendations – in somewhat strong language, so to speak. At one point, Apple called the statement “nothing but speculation, ignoring Apple’s environmental benefits, without any reasonable grounds.”

Maçã recalled in the document that he was currently facing “intense competition” with such companies. Samsung, Google And Huawei In the world of mobile devices, the company claims to be distinguished by the integration of its products, software and services – benefits that are “clearly recognized” by users and developers as well.

Cupertino points out that the proposed changes to the iPhone and its environment would be an unnecessary benefit to its competitors, based on unsubstantiated complaints from companies such as Guidelines. Microsoft, Facebook, Spotify And Epic – They have all, in recent months, spoken out against Apple’s monopoly, Some noise.

How did you do thatApple has warned that opening the App Store and other iOS components could expose its users to security risks, opening the door to financial fraud and malware – which could undermine its consumer confidence and cause the company to lose its advantage over competition. .

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In practice, therefore, the scenario remains the same – for now, it remains to be seen what the reaction of the CMA and other regulatory bodies will be to Apple’s flexibility.

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