October 2, 2023

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The UK has warned of the performance of the new Binance company

New payment company Accounting Launched on Monday (8). BinaryIt is already troubling UK regulators, especially with the signing of a deal with cryptocurrency trading firm Eqonex. Cryptocurrencies Listed on NASDAQ.

Will lend $ 36 million to Eqonex as a way to acquire some contract rights to Binance’s Bifinity.

The problem in the eyes of regulators of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is that Eqonex is a company registered with the FCA under anti-fraud regulations, and companies in the Binance Group may benefit from Eqonex under the new agreement. Record.

“The FCA has not been authorized to assess the eligibility and entitlement of new beneficiary owners or change the regulation prior to the conclusion of the transaction. However, we have previously published information about our concerns about Binance. Note Of controllers.

It is worth noting that Binance Markets Limited, the only company in the Binance Group, is restricted to operations defined by the FCA. “No other company in the Binance Group has UK accreditation, registration or license to carry out regulated activities,” the statement said.

Due to the requirements imposed by the FCA, Binance Markets Limited, although currently registered, is not allowed to carry out any regulatory activities without the written permission of the regulators.

According to the FCA, this obligation was imposed because Binance could not effectively oversee it. “This is particularly behind the Binance Markets’ membership of the global Binance Group, which provides complex, high-risk financial products that pose significant risk to consumers,” regulators say.

If the cryptocurrency company or its beneficiary owner is not satisfied that the FCA may decide to suspend or deregister the cryptocurrency company, this applies to both Binance and Eqonex.

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“Until the pending issues are resolved, the FCA’s concerns about Binance Markets Limited will remain, including those mentioned in the June 2021 oversight notice,” he concludes.

Binance vs UK

2021 was a difficult year for Binance’s UK operations. In June last year, regulators The FCA said cryptocurrency exchanges were not allowed “To carry out any regulated activity in the UK”.

Despite a ban by the FCA in January of that year, the margin and derivative trade provided by Binance to customers in the country remained a major problem.

The warning at the time forced Binance to stop advertising and collecting data on UK customers.
Under pressure from regulators, the exchange had several problems with UK banks and payment processors who decided to suspend their services to Binance. The site is difficult to retrieve And deposit in pound sterling and euro.