May 29, 2024

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Arasi Balabanyan is shocked when she tells that she almost left Sai Di Baixo and reveals the conflict in humor

Arasi Balabanian reveals why she asked to leave Sai Di Baixo (Photos: Reproduction – Globo / Editing – RD1)

Arasy Balbanian She was one of those interviewed at É de Casa on Saturday (28) and made a series of discoveries about her personal life and artistic career. Someone was around get out from belowThe actress played the role of Cassandra between 1996 and 2002 (in addition to four special episodes in 2013).

In this interview with Patrícia Poeta, the veteran said she asked Daniel Filho to leave his sense of humor because she wasn’t able to follow the mood of her co-workers: “I said: I don’t follow the mood, I can’t do that. I laugh with them“.

Arassi explained that the director had instructed her not to hold back her laughter, an attitude that had become her hallmark:And that’s what really happened, I laugh at them, says Miguel [Falabella]I completed the joke. I was part of the audience at that moment. So I laughed a lot, I had a lot of fun and really enjoyed doing it“.

The moment it ended up going viral was when the actress ended up accidentally showing her middle finger, to show off the ring she got from her mother. The unusual scene fell in favor of Globo viewers.

In an interview with the site I am MariaAnd the artist talked about the movie she starred in in 2019: “Cassandra has grown up (laughs). Since the movie is in a different language than what we’re used to, I admit that age hit me, because so much time has passed. But I just let her go“.

This freedom made me more comfortable, and we ended up becoming a big familyArassi Balabanyan, referring to this conflict at the beginning of Sai Di Baixo, continued, noting that it was beneficial.

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Finally, Cassandra’s translator said that in 2013, in this reinterpretation, the audience sounded as symmetrical and intense as:I was very nervous, but when we got to the scene, it looked like nothing had happened. The audience was the same, and the line was going around the block. It was like a trip and back home, it was very emotional“.

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