May 30, 2024

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Meghan Markle reveals a discussion between Harry and the royal family, in messages displayed during the audience;  paying off

Meghan Markle reveals a discussion between Harry and the royal family, in messages displayed during the audience; paying off

And “Family Affairs: Royals Edition” continues… On Friday (12), private emails were sent by Meghan Markle One of his former royal aides has been leaked and the content promises to destabilize the structures of the British royal family. in conversation The Duchess of Sussex Uncover the details of the difficult relationship between Prince Harry and family, as well as her frequent quarrels with her father, and Prince Charles. Geez!

The messages surfaced during a recent hearing between Duchess and Associated Newspapers, the editor in charge of Mail On Sunday. The court battle then began Markle sued the tabloid For publishing five articles containing excerpts from a private letter she sent to her father, Thomas MarkleAfter he gave up attending his daughter’s wedding at the last minute.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle married in 2018 (Image: GETTY)

The text was sent about three months after the actress married Prince in 2018. In the content, the young woman asked Thomas to stop talking and lying to the media about her relationship with her husband. Although the Duchess of Sussex won the lawsuit in February of this year for “violation of privacy”, the company has lodged an appeal, claiming that Meghan knew, when writing the letter, that it could be published.

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Already in emails released in court in London, Meghan told former head of communications, Jason Knauf, that the letter was written when she realized how much her father’s lies had affected Prince Harry. The talks took place in August 2018. The former “Suits” star privately commented on the ongoing attacks by the British media, the lack of help from the King’s advisors, and stated that Prince Charles and other members of the royal family “did not understand the context of the couple”.

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Even after a week with your father [príncipe Charles] And explain the situation non-stop, my family [de Harry] She seems to forget the context and goes back to: “Can’t you just go see him and stop this?” Megan said in the email. “They basically don’t get it, at least they write, H [Harry] He will be able to tell his family: I wrote him a letter [Jason] And he still does. By taking this form of action, I protect my husband from this constant scolding. [da família]And, although it’s unlikely, maybe give my dad a moment to pause [os ataques]”, continued.

According to emails from the duchess, the royal family “did not understand the context” and the difficulties the couple were facing. (Image: Getty)

Megan also spoke about choosing her words carefully, because she was aware that an email, as well as a letter she wrote to her father, could get into the hands of the press. “Obviously everything I did was done on the understanding that there might be a leak, so I was meticulous in my choice of words,” She said. “Since I just called him dad [Thomas Markle]It makes sense that he would open up like this (although less daddy) and, in the event of an unfortunate leak, touch his heart,” advertiser.

Knauf, who previously accused Meghan of intimidating palace aides and has since retracted his notes, also testified about his collaborations with the authors of Finding Freedom, Omid Scobie and Caroline Durand, a book about the lives of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. . The former court secretary said he and Meghan discussed the book “on a routine basis” and that he had written to Prince Harry about his conversations with the authors.

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According to the aide, Prince Harry responded in an email: “I totally agree that we should [ele e Meghan] Being able to say it has nothing to do with us. Likewise, providing them with the right context and the right background for them will help spread some facts.” WL! The couple’s representatives previously told E! News that “the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were not interviewed and did not contribute to finding freedom”, and that the book was based on the experiences of the authors as well as other members of the royal press.