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Argentina suspends search for missing Brazilian plane - 04/11/2022 - World

Argentina suspends search for missing Brazilian plane – 04/11/2022 – World

After six days of searching for One Brazilian engine that disappeared in ArgentinaAnd the country’s authorities announced, on Monday, (11) the suspension of the operation.

The Argentine Air Navigation Company (IANA) said, in a statement, that despite the efforts made, it was not possible to find traces of the plane or its passengers.

The plane was a single-engine Van’s Aircraft RV-10, code PP-ZRT, and carried businessman Antonio Carlos de Castro Ramos, of the Santa Catarina builder ACCR, doctor Giancarlo Nercolini and attorney Mario Pinho.

The plane, which was in good condition, according to Anak, belonged to the businessman, and took off last Wednesday (6) from the city of Calafate, the far south of Argentina, heading to Trelew, on the northern coast of Chubut, but he lost contact with the control centers in Bahia Bustamante, also located in the territory, according to the local civil defense.

IANA reported in its memo that the operation under its command used the necessary forces to track by sky, land and sea, with the participation of the Air Force, Armed Forces, Army and Coast Guard. Argentinaas well as the Chubut Civil Defense and Aeroclube Comodoro Rivadavia.

And the regional authorities, according to IANA, will remain “on alert.”

The Argentine Maritime Police was called to assist in the search, sending a helicopter to the area. The search suffered from bad weather and was even interrupted by storms.

The Brazilians were in Argentina for the Airplane Festival held in Comodoro Rivadavia, the most populous city in Chubut. From Friday (1) to Sunday (3), the city hosted the Comodoro Vuela event (Comodoro Voa, in Portuguese), which was held at the local air club.

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