May 30, 2024

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Arthur Aguiar meets fans and rebukes critics for his victory in “BBB22”; Watch

mocking him! In the early hours of this Saturday morning (30) champions.”BBB 22“, Arthur Agyar I landed at Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul, to participate in the singer’s show Luan Santana. Still at the area airport, the ex-brother made sure to score a small group of fans who were waiting for him, playing with speculation that his victory actually appears from Globo TV It was not legitimate.

Arthur achieved 68.96% of the audience’s preference to win the prize of 1.5 million Brazilian reais, considering that the vote broke the record for all finalists of the program, with more than 751 million votes. However, social networks have been taken over by accusations that self-described “bakery” fans were using unfair resources in favor of Aguiar in voting, leading to speculation that his fans were “bots”.

Then the singer decided to prove that the audience’s affection is real and showed the fans who were keen to honor him personally. “Look at Arthur’s bots”, He pointed to the voice that seemed to be his wife, the businesswoman Mira Cardiin the background of the video. “Full of robots at the door”The ex-Rebelde added as he walked toward the people who were screaming at his sight. Check the moment:

this week, Even speculation about voting for “robots” caught the attention of former President Lula. “There is a man who is richer, it seems to me, who has more money, and has set up a computer factory to send a letter to vote for him.” The politician commented during a press conference.

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It should be noted that in 2020, on the historical wall between Manu Javase, Mary Gonzalez and Felipe Prior, social networks were also invaded by speculation that fans were using inappropriate methods. At the time, the broadcaster issued a statement: “The voting system used in Big Brother Brasil, and other Globo reality shows, has security and oversight mechanisms in place. Various factors are combined to ensure voting security. Technology teams also monitor the performance of the voting system for as long as the wall is open.”

“We have no evidence of votes cast by bots, or any other fraud mechanisms, affecting the dynamics of the program. Any attempt to automate votes will be subject to control and security checks, which are applied in processing each of the votes.”finished the note.

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