June 12, 2024

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Carlinhos Maya Sends Touching Message About Arthur Aguiar; research!

Carlinhos Maya defends Arthur Aguiar after online haters (Image: Reproduction – Instagram – Gshow / Editing: RD1)

Carlinhos Maya He has already shown that he really loves reality shows. The comedian, who has already suffered from many netizens haters, came out in defense of Arthur Agyar After the actor was the biggest winner in BBB 2022.

The comedian couldn’t stand seeing the actor receive so many malicious comments that he decided to vent about defeating two other famous people, Paulo Andre and Douglas Silva, on Instagram. For Carlinhos, the audience is underestimating Arthur Aguiar’s path on the show.

“Isn’t it annoying that those underestimate the victory of the boy who won Big Brother, Arthur? What a boring one, people should learn to lose. Go straight, boy, with 1.5 million R$ you’ll take care of who loves you. Try not to make mistakes yet. Now, but the problem [dele]… not married to me‘ the entrepreneur began.

“It happens a lot in Brazil, it happens to me to this day, these provinces, these things. What matters is that you have a tutu in your pocket, much more than most. Clown, boring stuff, you have to get through it”, is over.

Arthur Aguiar meets Tado Schmidt at the airport

While actor Carlinos Maya was defending Arthur Aguiar elsewhere, He was randomly meeting with Tado Schmidt, in Rio de Janeiro. The two hugged and exchanged greetings.

“I really wanted to thank you [dentro da casa]. I didn’t know if I could, if I had the time, but I wanted you to know how wonderful you were there, and you are responsible for this show.”Hero said.

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“Whatever happens, our lives are forever connected. This will never be erased.” Thaddeus said.

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