May 25, 2024

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Arthur says Myra Cardi has suggested that he go in single

Arthur says Myra Cardi has suggested that he go in single

It was obvious that Arthur Aguiar moved and lost his wife, Myra Cardi, after playing Song “Te Assumi Pro Brasil” by Matheus and Kauan’s duoBBB 22 inch (TV Globo).

After the song, Arthur began talking to Paolo Andre about how grateful he was to Myra Cardi for “not letting go of his hand”, after the betrayals committed by the actor.

He said, “You didn’t give up on me. That’s priceless. It’s too bad*.” The Palestinian Authority said it was “invaluable”.

“Only she is able, after all, to back everything up and say, ‘I love him, I’ll stay with him.’ That’s what I always say, not that she’ll stay with me, because ‘I’m not the same person.'” linked? She is with someone else. Another idea, another energy, another posture. I just the same CPF. I thank her so much for not letting go of my hand,” the actor said.

Arthur went to tell us about his wife’s reaction when he received an invitation to participate in reality. He said that at that moment, he and Myra Cardi were already together, but he had not yet assumed reconciliation for Brazil.

‘When I got the invitation she was very supportive and she turned towards me and said, ‘Do you want to be single?’ I said no, and she said, “We don’t have to finish, come in and the audience doesn’t need to know we’re together.”And the Arthur confessed

The brother said he refused Mira’s offer: “No, I want to get married. Everyone knows I’m married to you. Then she asked me if I was sure, that wouldn’t be a problem for her. I said I wanted to get married as it was recently, she was still worried … Something might happen, right? Except I was pretty sure of myself, who I am… who I am today. So, it never crossed my mind… “No, I’m getting married with you,” he explained.

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“I imagine it is difficult for her because she has already breastfed everyone and assumed that [o relacionamento]. Then I come in here and I get tired all over the body, so it was a defense. But, since I was so self-confident, I asked for it, you know? But the good thing about it all is arriving today and knowing she’s proud of me.”

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After Jade Picon is eliminated, who is the most hated participant in “BBB 22”?


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