May 25, 2024

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BBB 22: Lena and Arthur exchange barbs: Another wall

BBB 22: Lena and Arthur exchange barbs: Another wall

Arthur Aguiar and Lin da Quebrada had a falling out this afternoon, in conversation with Giseilan on the balcony.BBB 22″ (TV Globo) While the trio talked about the dynamics of the week, the sister joked about the actor going to the wall again, which upset him.

“Out of seven walls that went into four, what do you want?” he said in a harsh tone.

“Another wall,” Lina sneered.

“Oh, well. Good luck to you, then,” Arthur replied. Interrupted, Jesse tried to appease:

“Let’s respect her,” said the teacher.

“Ah, to make history like Babu,” Lina insisted. The line is likely a reference to an earlier line by Arthur, who suggested Jesse stay a few more weeks at xepa to beat Papo Santana’s record.b b 20“.

Arthur replied, “Oh, I will. Because I really want to make history.”

“So…” said Lina.

“But is it not possible to follow it? Or do you have to go every week in a row?” the brother argued.

“Oh, Babu was going [em semanas] respectively “.

“Okay,” finished.

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