March 29, 2023

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Astrid Fontenelle talks about her son's adoption and his relationship with Hippie Camargo at Conversa Com Biel.

Astrid Fontenelle talks about her son’s adoption and his relationship with Hippie Camargo at Conversa Com Biel.


Astrid Fontenelle talks about friendship with Hebe Camargo, the inspiration of her career and the adoption of her son Gabriel, who shares the conversation with Pedro Biel this Tuesday (12)

Pedro Biel interviewed Astrid Fontenelle this Tuesday (12)
© Reproduction / Instagram @astridfontenellePedro Biel interviewed Astrid Fontenelle this Tuesday (12)

Presenter Astrid Fontenelle shares the details of her life with her Pedro Biel, at “Conversa com Biel” this Tuesday (12). The conversation brings back the stories that brought them together, like when they first met; Its causes, such as the legalization of abortion; Work as an actress and potential future projects.

Astrid reveals why she chose the press: “I wanted to be Gloria Maria when I grew up […]’I thought this was exciting, it was cool, I saw her on the street where something was going on,'” he says. Biel brings Gabriel’s adoption to the tableAstrid’s son in 40 days – today Gabriel is 13 – invites him to participate.

In addition to talking about what it was like to go through isolation during the pandemic in each other’s company, Putting their views on the way Brazil sees adoption today: “At present we have more information, but there are opinions that adoption is a bad thing, for not having that mother who gave birth to you. But when you are adopted, you have the mother who gave birth to you and the mother who takes care of you. Adoption is not a bad thing, you experience life with Anyone out there,” Gabriel says.

Relationship with Hebe Camargo

another subject Unforgettable encounters with Hebe Camargo, like the time Astrid was called to host her show: “One day, Hebe’s nephew, Claudio, called me, saying, ‘Astrid, we need a favor, Aunt is totally tired and needs you to host her show. explain.

“Result: to this day I don’t know the clothes in which I presented this program, I only remember that I was rescued by helicopter, arrived, and when I arrived she was very fragile, she was already very sick […]. In the third set, she improved a little and in the fourth she was already speaking normally […]. I said: This is energy, her life […]She needs it to live‘”, the account.

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