September 23, 2023

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Pantanal: Maria Broca will insult a pawn during the wedding of Juma and Jof: "Can't you see yourself?"

Pantanal: Maria Broca will insult a pawn during the wedding of Juma and Jof: “Can’t you see yourself?”


The housewife, even at the party of Jove, Juma, Muda and Tiberio, will not hold her tongue at the humiliation of the pawn, who will ask for a simple dance

Images: Reproduction / TV Globo
Images: Reproduction / TV Globo

wet land It is nearing its final conclusion, and in the coming weeks new battles and arguments are expected. Friday (Alanis Jilin) ​​and hollow (Jesuita Barbosa) is getting married soon in a plot Bruno LuberiHave a big party. To celebrate the 100th chapter, which airs next week, the plot promises great events.

The other couple who will climb the altar is seedlings (Bella Campos) and Tiberius (Ghetto) who asked his girlfriend to marry her with the ring that belonged to his mother. Maria Broca (Isabelle Teixeira) By the way, you should steal the show during the party, according to “Gshow”. The housewife will be humiliated ladies Giuliano Cazari, who would be tempted to ask to dance with his lover and it would only get worse.

“Would you allow me to dance more to Dona Maria?”The pawn will say. “Get out of there, Arcades! What is this? Who gave you this freedom? “will reply broca. “I ask permission from the lady’s husband…”will speak ladies. “Can’t you see yourself?! You’re a little pawn half pataca.”will be closed Maria. as soon as he walks away, Tenorio Murillo Benicio will give his opinion of the boy’s situation.

“Just what I need, something like… I’m going to have a very serious conversation with this pawn!”. “He is a poor man… he drinks and is abused”complete for broca. Recently, in an interview with ‘splash’actress Isabel Teixeira She said her character has to find herself first before she considers connecting with someone: “No one will save Maria Brocka”joked.

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