June 21, 2024

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At BBB 22, Slovenia goes into crisis and fears comparisons with Juliet: TV news 'Fear'

At BBB 22, Slovenia goes into crisis and fears comparisons with Juliet: TV news ‘Fear’

Slovenia Marques I entered a crisis in the early hours of this Sunday (13) in BBB 22. Excited, the model admitted she was concerned about her fame outside of confinement and even raised the possibility of being compared to Juliette Freire, former version star of the reality show Globo: “I was always afraid of comparison.”

On the dance floor, Pararibana spoke to Lucas Bisoli and said she was in a sensitive moment within the game. “I’m so scared of letting down someone I love there, my parents, and my friends,” the sister explained.

The post highlighted that she sees no point in winning the cash prize if doing so would hurt important people: “For me, it wouldn’t be worth it if I did something wrong to someone I love. “It is very easy for us to disappoint others, because others create expectations about us,” the medical student said.

“I feel so small, when the little switch is spinning, and I understand that I am here … I cannot explain it,” Eslô continued.

Minutes later, the sister began to cry, breathed for Vinicius Fernandez and Eliezer Netto and also assumed that she was worried about being compared to Juliette Freire:

I like what is real, what is the opposite of what people think. I like to show that I was wrong, my flaws. I really like to brag, because if someone likes me, I want them to like me. I want people to look at me with my flaws, and then look at my qualities. I was always so scared because my friends said so [de ser parecida com a Juliette]I was afraid to speak up and think, “Oh, she wants to be her.”

“My whole life has always been about comparison. I’ve always been afraid of comparison,” Eslô continued at another point.

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